The tram journey to Hosjö and back runs along glittering lakes and through beautiful natural areas with meadows and woods. You will experience a journey of about 25 minutes that takes you back to your grandfather’s time.

The museum tramway was opened in 1969 and runs on a portion of the former Stålboga-Skebokvarn railway, originally known as Mellersta Södermanlands Järnväg (the Central Södermanland Railway). The line, about 2.6 km long, runs from Malmköping to Hosjö along highway 55 and has two passing stations. The original railway line has gradually been rebuilt to provide a more authentic tramway environment. A tramway square in Malmköping is nearing completion, and the line has recently been provided with loops at both ends to permit service with more modern single-ended trams, such as mustangs. Read more about Mellersta Södermanlands Järnväg (in Swedish) at Wikipedia, Lars Åhnstads hemsida och MlSlJ, Mellersta Södermanlands Järnväg av Rolf Sten