Rent a bus


Need to charter a bus for graduation, birthday or another celebration? We have buses of various ages and sizes, from the 1930s onward. For a short trip, a 1940s Volvo might be suitable. For a longer trip of 200-250 km, a somewhat more modern bus of motorcoach type may be a better choice. If you want a taller journey, we recommend our double-decker.

Buses can be chartered for trips in central Sweden the year round. Below you can see the buses we offer for charter.

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    Buses for hire in central Sweden

    PS  nr K90
    diesel bus
    PS K90
    SB  nr --
    diesel bus
    SB --
    TGOJ  nr 10
    diesel bus
    TGOJ 10
    UST V8 nr 169
    diesel bus
    UST 169
    UST S10 nr 212
    diesel bus
    UST 212
    GUB  nr 548
    diesel bus
    GUB 548
    GUB  nr 633
    diesel articulated bus
    GUB 633
    Nob  nr 4500
    diesel bus
    Nob 4500
    SL H35 nr 4505
    diesel bus
    SL 4505
    SL H35 nr 4545
    diesel bus
    SL 4545
    SL H18 nr 5158
    diesel bus
    SL 5158
    SL H59A nr 5294
    diesel bus
    SL 5294
    SL H59A nr 5424
    diesel bus
    SL 5424
    SL H16A nr 6702
    diesel bus
    SL 6702
    SL H80 nr 6911
    diesel bus
    SL 6911