Tram ticket: valid for unlimited travel and visits to both the tram museum and the bus museum during the entire day.

daytickets 2024 price
Adults 140 SEK
Children aged 6-15 years 70 SEK
Children under 6 years Free when accompanied by a paying passenger
Family (2 adults+ 1-5 children) 350 SEK

stavbyte vid Trummslagarskogen

Cards and cash

Tickets are sold by conductors onboard the tram. However, we accept only Swish on the trams.

If you wish to pay with cash or a card, please buy your ticket in the café. We accept the most common credit and debit cards, except for Diners Club and American Express.

Membership card

As a member of Svenska Spårvägssällskapet (the Swedish Tramway Society), you ride free on the museum tramway in regular trafik, subject to space if you show your membership card.

In addition, the following membership cards are accepted on the trams:
• Spårvägssällskapet Ringlinien, Göteborg
• Lokaltrafikhistorisk Forening, Oslo
• Bergens Elektriske Sporvei, Bergen
• Sporveishistorisk Forening, Trondheim
• Sporvejshistorisk Selskab, Skjoldenæsholm
• Suomen Raitiotieseura ry (Finska Spårvägssällskapet)

Please note that special arrangements can be made at the museum tramway, which require a special fee. Always see current information on the respective event page.